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Stihl Battery Chainsaw MSA 160 T Tool Only


Stihl Battery Chainsaw 160 C-BQ Tool Only

STIHL MSA 160 T Arborist Battery Chainsaw

This battery arborist chain saw sets new standards in ease of use for professional tree surgery. At just 1.9kg, this top-handle saw is a true lightweight for professional tree maintenance.

Very easy to use and ergonomic, whether climbing a tree or working from a cherry picker, the machine fires up in seconds, accelerates promptly and is instantly ready for precise, powerful cutting. Due to its low noise level, it eliminates the need for ear protection, and makes it easier to communicate safely with colleagues on the ground. Great for removing deadwood and its clean cutting improves overall tree health.

Compatible with AP & AR series batteries

QuickStop Super Chain Brake (Q)

The additional braking system for extra safety. Users can trigger the chain brake directly at the rear handle. The chain stops in seconds whenever the user lets go of the rear handle and whenever there is sufficiently strong kickback or when the front hand guard is activated.

Quick Stop Super function

Additional braking system for more safety - exclusively by STIHL. The chain does not stop only at kickback is sufficiently strong or active actuation of the front hand guard, but also when you release the rear handle. The overrun of the chain is stopped within seconds and protects the user.

Side chain tensioner

The tensioning screw can be found on the side of the chain saw through the sprocket cover. This removes the need for contact with the sharp saw chain.

STIHL Electric Motor (EC)

The STIHL electric motor (EC) is extremely energy efficient, lightweight and compact. It runs quietly, generates very low vibrations and does not require servicing.

Tool-free oil tank cap

With the transparent oil tank and the tool-less operated oil tank cap; the oil level can be easily and conveniently checked at anytime.

Two-hand operation

The ergonomically shaped handle tube and the comfortable rear control handle with soft components allow a pleasant, forces gentle and safe work in all positions.

Battery Chainsaw

Voltage V:
Weight Without Battery:
2.3 kg includes bar + chain
Rollomatic E Cutting Length:
STIHL Oilomatic Saw Chain Pitch/type:
Picco Micro 3 (PM3)
Saw Chain Pitch:
Battery Life Time AP180:
up to 40 mins approx
Battery Life Time AP200:
up to 35 mins approx
Battery Life Time AP300:
up to 50 mins approx
Battery Life Time AR900:
up to 180 mins approx
Battery Technology:
Lithium-Ion PRO
Power Output s:

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