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Stihl KombiTool FH-KM 135 Scrubcutter


Stihl KombiTool FH-KM 135 Scrubcutter

A short-angled blade attachment for cutting close to the ground without stooping and trimming tops of high hedges from ground level.

The STIHL FH-KM -135° adjustable power scythe attachment delivers improved comfort through a weight reduction. Compatible with the STIHL KombiSystem, it features a 135° working range with a robust gearbox and blade assembly. These qualities provide excellent cutting performance of the KombiTool FH-KM 135 Scrubcutter.


Weight kg:
Scrub cutter 135° adjustable
Overall Length cm:

Stihl Multi Tool (Stihl-Multi-Tool.pdf, 1,030 Kb) [Download]